[GSoC] (One more) Proposal for Plasmate

Yuen Hoe Lim yuenhoe86 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 09:32:13 CEST 2009

Hi its me again :P

I updated my proposal based on feedback and it is now nearly
finalized. Main updates include moving widget previewing to
'compulsory milestones' and updating my mockups as Aaron suggested
(including getting rid of the terminal :P).

I have the draft up on the GSoC site as requested here :

Also available @ googledocs here :

If anyone has any final comments for me please shout! Thanks a bunch
for all the feedback so far :)

On 4/1/09, Yuen Hoe Lim <yuenhoe86 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> we already have a previewer started in playground; showing a plasmoid in
>> a
>> little window by itself is a tiny amount of code, really. :)
>> don't need to; we know where the code is on disk, and you can just pass
>> that
>> path directly to the Package which would then be used by the Applet
>> object
>> to
>> run the widget.
> Evidently I have yet much to learn about the platform and available code :)
> * if the user needs an embedded terminal to make plasmate useful,
>> something's
>> horribly wrong :) it's all based on managing the contents of a Package
>> and
>> that's all automated / automatable
> So happened that when I was telling a friend about Plasmate he exclaimed
> 'What, no terminal!?' :P I agree completely that Plasmate should not need
> to
> rely on the terminal emulator at all, but I was just thinking that it might
> be handy (I use Kate's terminal for all kinds of things).
> Hmmm, then again Plasmate will probably be maintaining the 'project files'
> somewhere out of sight so maybe its not such a good idea to let the user
> have terminal access to that location after all.
>> * for the diff viewer, we could probably use the kdiff kpart that comes
>> with
>> kde if it's available on the system (otherwise just show it in a plain
>> text
>> editor, i suppose)
> Yeah, was thinking the same thing. Wonder how much work will it be though
> to
> manually produce one from a text diff file. Since it doesn't need to be
> editable, the hardest part would probably be parsing the diff file
> Thanks a lot for the comments by the way :) Will have them addressed before
> the deadline this friday >.<
> *fingers crossed*
> ----
> Lim Yuen Hoe
> http://yuenhoe.co.cc/

Lim Yuen Hoe

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