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One of the things I wanted to do in the KDE 4.2 timeframe for KJots was to
make a plasmoid for it. As time is running fast, I'm going to cheat and ask
people who are already familiar with plasma for help on how it could work.

For those who have never seen/used KJots, it is a simple note taking
application in which pages are arranged in a heirarchy of books and
sub-books. It's in the kdepim module if you want to try it out. Pradeepto B
has already been working on putting an icon in the system tray for kjots,
but I'd prefer a plasmoid.

The idea would be that the plasmoid would display either all of your kjots
notes, or only a particular kjots book, or notes tagged with a particular
tag (if I get that to work:
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.nepomuk/147). The plasmoid would
probably work the same way as the standalone application in terms of editing
and viewing, but would not have user interface for export, or searching etc
(which would be available only when running the application).

KJots has been a KUniqueApplication since before I started working on it.
This is presumably so that two running KJots instances can not have out of
sync edits to the same page. However if pages can be edited in a plasmoid,
that would be possible. I *think* that if I write an akonadi resource for
kjots, akonadi would keep all views on the data up to date (
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.devel.pim/22743). If someone else is
more familiar with this kind of thing and whether akonadi is needed at all,
please let me know.

Using existing code:
There is already a KJotsComponent which is a QWidget contains all the
functionality in kjots. It is used by the standalone application and by the
kpart which gets loaded in kontact. I think I read that plasma can use
QWidgets directly because of QGraphicsView(?). Does that mean that I can
simply put that widget into a plasmoid and I'll be finished?

Thanks for any help, and if there's any other issues that I haven't
mentioned here, please let me know.

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