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On Friday 24 October 2008, Guillaume Pothier wrote:
> 2008/10/23 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>:
> > On Wednesday 22 October 2008, Guillaume Pothier wrote:
> >> Just tell me if you want me to go ahead.
> >
> > please do =)
> Ok, here comes the patch. In summary:
> - Added three methods to Corona:
>    int numScreens()
>    QRect screenGeometry(int)
>    QRect availableScreenGeometry(int)

these shouldn't be pure virtual. they can return silly values like by default, 
of course:

int numScreens() { return 1; }
QRect screenGeometry(int) { return sceneRect(); }


> The latter should probably return a QRegion instead, according to what
> you said about toolbox placement.

yes, it should be a QRegion.

> - QDesktopWidget is not used anymore in libplasma, entirely replaced
> by calls to the new Corona methods.


> - Added Corona* parameter to Plasma::popupPosition

if it relies on Corona, perhaps it should move *to* corona?

> - Added a corona() method to Plasma::Applet. This is needed for calls
> to Plasma::popupPosition.


yes, it's one more hoop to jump through but it:

* keeps Applet API clean
* discourages use of corona() from Applets
* makes it clear what the object hierarchy is (Corona -> Containments -> 

> - Also added a corona() method to Plasma::View for consistency's sake.


littering the API with every conceivable convenience method is nonsensical and 
destroys the ability to glean the design by reading the API.

> - Corona is friends with ToolTipManager, as ToolTipManager needs to
> call Plasma::popupPosition and thus needs a Corona. Thus, Corona
> registers itself with the ToolTipManager. I think this is the ugliest
> part of the patch, please tell me if there is a better solution.

yes, this is amazingly ugly indeed.

> - Added a ViewerCorona class to plasmoidviewer, as Plasma::Corona is
> now has pure virtual methods.

shouldn't be necessary if they aren't pure virtual. that you had to do this 
work was probably a good hint something could be better =)

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