Status of multi-monitor support

Aike J Sommer dev at
Wed Oct 15 19:18:55 CEST 2008

> > I think the problem is kwin forcing plasma onto that size... I commited a
> > patch a while back to allow one root-window per screen, but this seems to
> > not work on resizing!
> ugh ... what is kwin doing resizing anything in the first place?

     if( isDesktop())
->      if (geometry() == workspace()->clientArea( ScreenArea, this ))
         QRect area = workspace()->clientArea( FullArea, this );
         if( geometry() != area )
             setGeometry( area );

Is the part of geometry.cpp and there is similar in manage.cpp. The lines 
between -> and <- is what i added, but depending on wether kwin or plasma 
will get the resize first this will fail!
Why kwin needs to resize desktop-type windows, i dont know!


Aike Sommer

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