Desktop configuration interface

Chani chanika at
Sat Oct 11 23:01:20 CEST 2008

> > 3) Desktop Theme is a global setting, so it's confusing and moreover it
> > doesn't make any sense to have it on desktop settings dialog.
> it's confusing in the sense that it doesn't strictly belong to the same
> scope. but then again .. find me a user who looks at that, scratches their
> head and goes, "gosh darn, i have no idea what the desktop theme will do
> because it's next walpaper!"
> the question is whether people will find it or not, and we have the same
> issue with the desktop settings themselves.
> now, strictly speaking, we could move the desktop theme into system
> settings. then we would need to have a d-bus interface for the affected
> applications and the ability to write the config file properly.
> i'm on the fence with moving the desktop theme setting to somewhere in
> system settings, but this other work would need to be done first.
> why am i on the fence? it will be slightly less convenient as the user will
> now have to go to two diferent places to configure things that are
> reflected in the same place. that's one of those things about "usability"
> when applied via straight logic versus considering actual user goals and
> patterns.

if I change the theme in plasma, does it change the screensaver widgets' 
theme? what about if I change it in this hypothetical kcm?

> > 5) we must hide other activities that aren't usable as desktop activity
> > (having a panel as desktop activity is a so bad idea)...
> yes, this is something that we'll want to add to the .desktop files i
> think...

yes. marco mentioned the formfactor, but that's not enough to tell: the 
screensaver containment would not work as a desktop containment, even 
though it is of type DesktopContainment... (I'm actually still unsure of 
whether it should be a CustomContainment)

This message brought to you by eevil bananas and the number 3.

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