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Marco Martin notmart at
Sat Oct 11 15:11:11 CEST 2008

On Saturday 11 October 2008, Davide Bettio wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I've played with desktop settings dialog and now I have some things
> to talk about:
> 1) I tried to sort groups ( Desktop Activity, Desktop Theme, Wallpaper =>
> Wallpaper, Desktop Theme, Desktop Activity), the result IMHO is nice.
the current layout was discussed a while ago in kde-usability
the ordering became that both for suggesting that changing the wallpaper is a 
secondary thing to configuring the activity and most important because the 
wallpaper plugin config UIs have different heights, so passing from a more 
tall one to a less tall one makes an huge gap between the end of the wallpaper 
config and the other groups

> 2) Actually we can choose only one background color: it would be nice to be
> able to chose a gradient.
> 3) Desktop Theme is a global setting, so it's confusing and moreover it
> doesn't make any sense to have it on desktop settings dialog.
> 4) It's impossible to install a desktop theme from a file...
> 5) we must hide other activities that aren't usable as desktop activity
> (having a panel as desktop activity is a so bad idea)...
putting in the containment desktop file its formfactor?
> That's all for now.
> Bye,
> Davide Bettio.
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