JOLIE and Plasma: status and discussion

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something else i just remembered:

we're going to want to think about the full round trip "experience":

use case: widget wants to use a web service

* it says "give me this web service" -> that should be a one liner with no 
jargon in it, just the URL of the service and return a Plasma::Service ready 
to go

use case: widget wants to publish it's own service onto the network

* it takes a Plasma::Service and, again with a one liner and no jargon it 
pushes the service by a name passed in; this would get automatically set up 
using SODEP to the local MetaService and the service's published name 
namspaced using the ID of the applet.

use case: a widget wants to relocate devices

* it publishes a service
* another device subscribes to that service, asks for the widget to come over
* authentication of the request (perhaps user OK?) happens
* the service sends across a Plasma::Package and forwards the engines and 
services the Widget currently holds

use case: widget wants to use a service exposed by another Plasma system

* it scans the network for an announcer service
* it selects a service from it
* this results in an auth request on the other Plasma system
* on approval, the service is set up on both sides

these are the things the API should make easy to do, imho. 

ok, i have a massive headache atm and am going to lay down ...  ugh.

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