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On Friday 07 November 2008, Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> A Friday 07 November 2008 16:06:18, Aaron J. Seigo escreveu:
> This was just my opinon on the subject, what do you want?

something with sufficient contrast to make the tasks buttons more visible; 
something that is "warmer"; ..

> what color?

i could imagine a few directions .. one is to go with something light that 
plays off the highlight colours in the default wallpaper; another might be a 
rich cream colour that isn't too bright (admitedly somewhat retro; another 
might be a rich, dark, dusky blue (though i'm concerned how that might work 
with icons like the kmenu?); a sophisticated deep brownish black ...

it really doesn't have to be too dramatic (e.g. cream) to provide greater 
contrast between the buttons and the panel; the Gtk Dust theme is interesting 
in that it's a charcoal with hints of red/yellow in it.

it's really the starkness of the black in the current panel that gives it both 
an overly cold touch and limits the visual contrast between the background and 
foreground elements.

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