Video (tag) position in backend

Alexandre B. at
Sun Feb 26 16:36:51 UTC 2012

> I'm not sure why you think Phonon has anything to do with HTML5.

Yes, I know it has nothing to do with HTML5, but I will explain what I have.

> Could you elaborate a bit?

Yes, for sure.

I'm developing a new backend to connect to Phonon. This backend works with a closed video render API, that I don't have access to get its video frames, as I've already read that Phonon works, and this for itself renders the video in a separated layer. Therefore, I had to adopt another strategy to make it work together the HTML5 architecture. I've separated the media rendering in 2 different layers:

1) Browser layer
2) Closed video API layer

The browser layer is under the video frame and when we click Play on browser, this API, that's connected to our backend, receives the command and starts rendering the video above of browser. So it's working with 2 independent layers. However, inside the backend I receive the video size, but not its position on screen. It made me take into account that all video tags should be centralized on screen in both layers: closed API and browser (HTML5).

That's why I'm asking if there's a way to get the video position on screen inside the backend. I know it's far from being a good solution regarding to a computational view, but I see no other way to solve this.

Thanks for your help.

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