Phonon's backends to JACK.

aCOSwt acoswt at
Sat Jun 11 15:32:21 CEST 2011


Running a gentoo-portage's kde 4.6.2 (packing phonon 4.5.0)

- I have been working happily for years with phonon's xine backend that gets 
for me the uncomparable advantage of being pluggable to Jack in two clicks.
- Considering all what I can read about xine maintenance together with the 
fact that gstreamer backend became the default choice with kde 4.6, I have 
great fears about its future. 

=> I am trying to make so the other backends (vlc and gstreamer) output to 

1/ vlc 
 - vlc by itself correctly outputs to jack in two clicks. This configuration 
however does not seem to impact phonon-vlc.
 - If I select jack among the choices I get under system-
settings/multimedia/phonon/output device preference then it just displays a 
warning box that it does not work and automatically selects the next available 
 - Of course I get a .asoundrc and there is a still opened bug (though dating 
from kde 4.4) about the fact that phonon-vlc is broken when one gets an 
asoundrc, is this still true with 4.6 ? 

2/ gstreamer 
 - I even do not get the choice for jack in the device list. 
 - I of course installed gst-plugin-jack and tried to follow this howto :, replacing gconf2 by gconftool-2 but 
there is nothing such as /system/gstreamer in my existing tree...
Should I need some additional gnome dedicated tool in order to configure a 
pure kde install ?

Well well... Some help would be... hmmm... helpful !

Yours faithfully,


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