Qt Multimedia API's on The Multimedia Sprint 2010

Knut Yrvin knut.yrvin at nokia.com
Tue Apr 27 15:03:45 CEST 2010

Hi everyone, 

Unfortunately I've been a bit of lately engaged in a Norwegian talent 
show[1]. But here is my suggestion on Qt at Nokia participation on the 
multimedia sprint 2010, May 20-25. 

It would be nice if we in Qt at Nokia could do a presentation of the Qt 
Multimedia API's and have a round table talk on it at the The Multimedia 
Sprint. I'll participate. The same goes for Qt Multimedia API developers 
from Brisbane in Australia. It might take 2-3 hours (3-4 hours including 

Unfortunately we are in a middle of preparing Qt 4.7 for release, which 
makes it impossible for Qt Multimedia API developers to travel 70-80 hours 
from Australia to Switzerland, and back to Australia. So we would 
appreciate if we can do a video conference with presentation and round 
table technical discussion with the Brisbane Qt Multimedia developers? 

Since I'm participation in the national Norway got Talent finale May 21, I 
would appreciate if we could do this after May 21. Maybe on Monday 24, if 
you want a presentation and a round table technical discussion on Qt 
Multimedia API's? 

1. http://blog.qt.nokia.com/2010/04/26/qt-knut-electric-boogies-into-the-

Any suggestion to pull this of is appreciated :D

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Open Source Community Manager
Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks
cell: + 47 934 79 561, phone: +47 21 60 27 58

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