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Thierry Bastian thierry.bastian at trolltech.com
Tue Mar 4 15:50:11 CET 2008

Ok, fair enough.


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On Tuesday 04 March 2008, Thierry Bastian wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> I just have one question about the screensaver management. Do you 
> disable it ? If yes, in which cases? (and do you have code for it).

Phonon-Xine currently does not touch the screensaver at all. One reason is
because it's impossible to guess right. Perhaps some special app wants to
keep the screensaver enabled on fullscreen. And perhaps some other app wants
to disable the screensaver also on not-fullscreen.

I think we/Qt should rather provide a general API to enable/disable the
screensaver in a platform-independent way. Then we can link to that API from
the Phonon docs.

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