phonon-gstreamer-support for maemo device (n810) -- problem

Ranjit Pillai ranjit.tvm at
Wed Aug 13 10:35:31 CEST 2008


I am developing a media player using Qt-phonon for maemo device.. but i
found that it's not playing audio on n810 device

format    audio-support      video-support
----------     ---------------------         -------------------
mp3            no
avi             no                            yes
mp4           no                            yes
mpg           no                            yes

there is no problem with the ogg files

i also found out that n810 supports only  dsppcmsink and the dspmp3sink...
and phonon-gstreamer doesn't provide support for that..
I was going thru kdebase/runtime/phonon/gstreamer files and found that
devicemanager.cpp is the one that creates the element
(gst_element_factory_make) do i have to update that file only for the
dsppcmsink/dspmp3sink or any other file needs to be manupulated ..

It would be of great help if,  how to  compile (qt-phonon) for the maemo
device is also send..

please help...

thank u

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