[Parley-devel] [Bug 179089] parley crash while practise "index out of range"

Nadav nadavvin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 09:42:56 CET 2008


--- Comment #2 from Nadav <nadavvin gmail com>  2008-12-30 09:42:56 ---
* What lessons did you select for practice? 
English -> Russian
I test on all the lesson (I selected all)
* What practice mode/settings did you use? 
multiple choices, random order
* What exactly did you do in practice? What buttons did you press? After which
step did the crash happen?
buttons 1-5. after answering to one of the words (I don't remember which one)
* Also the exact revision of Parley you tested would be interesting. 
the version that use in the kde repository of ubuntu:

I guess, there is one word which cause the problem, since I played in random
order, It's can take long time to achieve it.

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