[Panel-devel] meeting bullet points

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Jun 1 00:41:49 CEST 2007

hi all...

the plasma meeting was held today as announced and it was productive. bullet 
points from the meeting include:

a) collect all the svg's into one place under workspace/
b) create a .desktop file that can go with the theme
c) we need to document what each svg does
d) artists do their magical thing they do using (c)
e) plasmagik packages for themes (ghns2)

- plasma.kde.org moving to new server this friday; faster and more bandwidth
    - content rewrites happening on the weekend after the move
- wiki content needs to be examined for currency and accuracy
    - asiraj will be adding some new things there
- API docs proof reading needed

Applet Config
- trigger on changes in Corona
- Plasma::Applet will handle sync()ing and be triggered by the Corona
- applets themselves shouldn't do any sync()ing themselves

- i have to work out how i want to handle configuring dataengines from applets
    -the config needs to be able to be agregated from multiple applets
- we need to get writing some of the more obviously needed engines. 
    - primarily the task management one
    - hardware (solid)

log uploads pending...

Aaron J. Seigo
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