[Panel-devel] JJ: taskmanager clean up

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Dec 19 22:47:22 CET 2007

hey party plasma people =)

so ... i had some ganders at workspace/libs/taskmanager today and now i know 
what that sound under my desk is: the baby jesus wheeping from the horrors 
found within.

there is a bunch of housecleaning that needs to get done in there that would 
be just *great* for someone who's looking to cut their teeth on things. in 

* the classes should go into a namespace. exporting a class called Task into 
the global namespace is just irresponsible =)

* there are three header files. two of them are context menus. yes, that means 
that there are a bunch of classes in the final one: taskmanager.h. 
taskmanager.h and taskmanager.cpp should be split up to contain one class per 

* speaking of classes hidden in taskmanager.h, who knew there was a drag 
object in there, huh? =) heck it even has comments from libkicker days. i 
totally forgot about that one even. it should almost certainly be merged into 
Task as per the comment.

* CamelCaseIncludes need to be created and installed. see 
libs/plasma/includes/ for how this is done

* TaskManager::self() should be updated to use the same method as seen in, for 
instance, Plasma::Theme::self()

* TaskManager's remaining static member should be moved into the private class 
for cleanliness

* some general code and API review might be in order. things can always be 
improved right? =)

anyone feeling like they'd like to tackle one or more of the above? get your 
patches ready! =)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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