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Thu Aug 25 14:47:23 CEST 2005

&quot;The site is currently pretty sparse, but that's where the users come<=
in :-) I started a little bit of my personal developer page showing<br>
off some of my work on Extenders, and Aaron has been filling out the<br>
news section as time permits, but it's really up to the community to<br>
use this or not at this point. I, for one, hope we do!&quot;<br>
So people:<br>
1) This wiki should only have content for contributors that have
experience on this new project that doesn't yet exist and are familiar
with an undocumented project.<br>
2) Please write public documentation in accordance with private undocumente=
d conversations.<br>
&quot;the point of the wiki is not to inform new people, but to help
developers who are already familiar with the project work
together.&quot;&nbsp; Ahhh KDE, where 99% of the projects beg for new blood=
and the other 1% actively turn people away.<br>
As wiki administrator, I'd recommend that you place guidance on your
expectations for content and growth on the site itself.&nbsp; Posting
stances on this mailing fall into the very trap of: &quot;tracking the
progress of the plethora of ideas revolving around Plasma has been
somewhat troublesome, as they are scattered throughout the usual
channels (IRC,mailing list, kde-artists forum)&quot;.<br>
<div><span class=3D"gmail_quote">On 8/25/05, <b class=3D"gmail_sendername">=
Matt Broadstone</b> &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:mbroadst at">mbroadst at gmai=</a>&gt; wrote:</span><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"borde=
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On 8/25/05, Wade Olson &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:wade at">wade at co=</a>&gt; wrote:<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;I agree.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&n=
bsp;&nbsp;You must have been spying on me through my webcam (need...more...=
tinfoil)<br>&gt; as I updated about 10 wiki pages last night.
<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Alas, it's 5:15 am now and I have to drive stra=
ight to a consulting<br>&gt; engagement in another state.&nbsp;&nbsp;But I =
will try to put in some of this<br>&gt; information later tonight.<br>&gt;<=
<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Wade<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Vinay K=
haitan wrote:<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Don't you think, All of this should have g=
one to plasma Wiki ?<br>&gt; Well, I already though about contacting Aaron.=
 I really feel,<br>&gt; manything is missing in plasma wiki for new develop=
ers. The wiki
<br>&gt; should detail the process.<br>&gt;<br>No it should not.. Aaron and=
 I talked about this when I was first<br>setting up the wiki. The wiki is n=
ot meant to be a place where you can<br>find out how to get involved and ge=
t started, but instead a place
<br>where you can find lots of specific reference information on the<br>int=
ernals of Plasma. For instance, this is the reason we have not<br>posted in=
structions on setting up the kde4 environment on the wiki,<br>information l=
ike this belongs on the main web page. A lot of wade's
<br>information is OK, but the point of the wiki is not to inform new<br>pe=
ople, but to help developers who are already familiar with the<br>project w=
ork together.<br><br>&gt;<br>&gt; On 8/24/05, Wade Olson &lt;<a href=3D"mai=
lto:wadejolson at">
wadejolson at</a>&gt; wrote:<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Hi M=
arkus,<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Thanks for the email and welcome!<br>&gt;=
<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;I know that interest is booming for Plasma, which is tu=
rning into both a<br>&gt; blessing and a curse for Aaron. Hopefully with aK=
ademy coming up shortly,
<br>&gt; more information and immediate tasks will be forthcoming.<br>&gt;<=
br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;In the interim, for people who are just joining this you=
ng project, can I<br>&gt; recommend:<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;* Give everyone a b=
rief synopsis of your background (student/professional,
<br>&gt; home country, software experience, KDE experience)<br>&gt;&nbsp;&n=
bsp;* List where you think you might fit in initially (and remember that no=
t<br>&gt; everyone can just step in and do the fun work of drawing on a whi=
teboard and
<br>&gt; having legions do their C++ bidding)<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;* Do your =
project homework. Learn as much about Plasma as you can from:<br>&gt;&nbsp;=
&nbsp;<a href=3D"">
<a href=3D""></a><br>=
&gt;<br>&gt; <a href=3D",com_sm=
</a><br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"">http:=
//</a><br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"http://netdr=">
<br>&gt; (for historical reference)<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Competitive analysis=
: Apple, MS, Gnome, 3rd party widgets<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;* Do your function=
al homework. For example, if you plan on helping with<br>&gt; usability, ma=
ke sure you are familiar with sites like:
<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"">http://www.op=</a><br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"
sp;&nbsp;(and many other interface
<a href=3D""></a>'s work)<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Or, i=
f you plan on coding, of course you want to be familiar with:<br>&gt;&nbsp;=
&nbsp;<a href=3D""></a><b=
r>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D""></a><br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"http:=
//"></a><br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Any site=
 that help with OOA/OOD/Design Patterns<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;These si=
mple steps can help others learn more about you, help Aaron
<br>&gt; organize skill sets and person-power, and minimize initial delays =
due to<br>&gt; lack of preparation.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;No matter ho=
w people feel about software development bureaucracy, there are<br>&gt; ver=
y basic project planning and resourcing tasks that have to be coordinated
<br>&gt; with such a large disparate group forming so quickly.<br>&gt;<br>&=
gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Not only is Plasma going to be unbelievable, but it's really=
 going to get<br>&gt; people to learn about more sophisticated programming =
techniques, usability
<br>&gt; and various testing methodologies. I'd say this group is a microco=
sm of<br>&gt; what going to go on with KDE in general as it expreiences gro=
wing pains.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;So welcome, and hold tight while thi=
ngs get organized, but hopefully
<br>&gt; there's plenty everyone can do in the meantime to sharpen their sk=
ills and<br>&gt; familiarity.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Wade<br>&gt;<br>&g=
t;&nbsp;&nbsp;*Note: This email does not necessarily reflect the views of t=
hose that know<br>
&gt; their head from their arse.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt; On 8/24/05=
, Markus Hofmann &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:markus.hofmann at">markus.hof=
mann at</a>&gt; wrote:<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Hi everybo=
<br>&gt; I want to join the plasma team too.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; For four weeks=
 I read an interesting article about the plasma project<br>&gt; and I subsc=
ribed theailing list. With the help of Hans I got kde4<br>&gt; compiled on =
my computer.
<br>&gt;<br>&gt; I don't have experience in QT programming but I'm interest=
ed to learn.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; I'm really motivated to help you.<br>&gt;<br>&=
gt; Greeting<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Markus<br>&gt; _______________________________=
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