[Owncloud] How to manage thousands of users?

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Dear CJ Keist,

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> The web interface doesn't look to have the ability to list thousands of users on my owncloud system. So there is no way for me to set custom disk quotas for users that are not displayed on the web interface.  I have tried the search function on the page but that doesn't work.
> So I tried to see where disk quota settings are stored on the mysql database but have not had any luck finding where that value is set per user account.  Could someone direct me on how I can set default disk quota for users on my system?

I am not sure that this is the "official" way of doing things but I would suggest a different approach: if you use the MySQL backend, it seems to be pretty straightforward to set all sorts of parameters with a few lines of SQL code. In fact, this is similar to our own automated method of creating a large number of users in OwnCloud and sending automatically generated E-mails with activation links (tokens).

With OwnCloud 5, you can look up user data in the oc_user table (here: "aeinstein" is the "uid" of "Albert Einstein"), you can then set a quota of 10 GB like this:

INSERT INTO `oc_preferences` VALUES 
 ('aeinstein','files','quota','10 GB');

If you have a list of uids it is very easy to repeat that line as often as required.

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