[Owncloud] OSX Support

RGR rgr101 at online.de
Thu Sep 26 18:32:32 UTC 2013


on the ownCloud 6 main features' list, I'm heavily missing the reintroduction of the OSX Server Support:

It's a pity that you have (understandably) been forced to temporarily de-supporting OSX as a server platform, 
but I strongly believe it is very important to work on this issue 

not least because of the users'  creditability in the excellence of the development team:

Everyone knows that OSX finally is "only a Unix dialect" with any required components (Apache, PHP etc.) being shipped "out of the OSX box", 
so will be difficult to continuously justifying that it's the fault of OSX (and its strange unicode handling)…

I would really like to supporting to findi a solution or at least workaround, 
but unfortunately, I'm not experienced enough in PHP, Unicode etc. --- if there's anything I could contribute in terms of "basic research", pls let me know...

(Besides that, I'm running an OSX Server for other purposes and would really love to being able again 
to implementing an ownCloud instance there without ballasting it with a Linux VM!)



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