[Owncloud] ask some owncloud questions

李明贵 linuxphp at 126.com
Mon Sep 23 09:40:36 UTC 2013

 Hi all:
        owncloud is powerful system. when i use it ,I have some problem.
        1. I have a lot of files which want to put in owncloud ,now i mount a davfs2 on linux and copy in it. sometimes copy completes but the file size is 0 ,this usually  happen when a file is too lager.
        2. davfs2 is so slow because system io is too hight
        so i suggest develop a tools to put a lot of files more easier.
        1. copy files to owncloud data dir
         2. find owncloud data dir  files which hasn't in db and put file's infomation to db ,this may be use some api.

         I want to know , is there  available tools now?

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