[Owncloud] owncloud Client 1.4.1 RC

Klaas Freitag freitag at owncloud.com
Mon Sep 23 20:05:51 UTC 2013


we want to release ownCloud Client 1.4.1 this week. It is a bugfix 
release for the 1.4 line which fixes bugs that were reported over the 
last few weeks, see Changelog below.

Today we prepared a release candidate for you.

The RC is available here:
MacOS: http://download.owncloud.org/download/testing/ownCloud-1.4.1rc1.dmg
Linux packages: 

Please give it a test and report regression bugs to github.



PS: The linux packages are still building but will be there soon.


mirall version 1.4.1 (release 2013-09-2x ), csync 0.90.1 required

   * Translation and documentation fixes.
   * Fixed error display in settings/status dialog, displays multi
     line error messages now correctly.
   * Wait up to 30 secs before complaining about missing systray
     Fixes bug #949
   * Fixed utf8 issues with basic auth authentication, fixes bug #941
   * Fixed remote folder selector, avoid recursive syncing, fixes
     bug #962
   * Handle and display network problems at startup correctly.
   * Enable and disable the folder watcher during syncs correctly.
   * Fix setting of thread priority.
   * Fixed file size display.
   * Fixed various folder wizard issues, bug #992
   * Made "Sync started" message optional, fixes bug #934
   * Fixed shutdown, avoid crashed config on win32, fixes bug #945
   * Pop up config wizard if no server url is configured, fixes bug #1018
   * Settings: calculate sidebar width dynamically, fixes bug #1020
   * Fixed a crash if sync folders were removed, fixes bug #713
   * Do proper resync after network disconnect, fixes bug #1007
   * Various minor code fixes

ocsync version 0.90.1  (released 2013-09-2x, ownCloud Client 1.4.1)
   * detect if server does not send an etag after an upload
   * fix crash in case of network timeout, reported as
   * compile and cmake fixes for win32
   * fixed behaviour of csync_exclude
   * documentation and spelling fixes.

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