[Owncloud] Updater App does not show the current 5.0.11 release

Randolph Carter RandolphCarter at fantasymail.de
Fri Sep 13 20:00:37 UTC 2013


thanks for the quick reply, Victor.

I have now managed to get the updater running, but let me tell how - the
updater definitely had permissions on both the backup and the data
folder (and their respective parents, both belong to the www-data user,
and I have for test reasons assigned them permissions 777 for the
moment), but still the "Update Center" would only show a blank page and
said error message about being "Unable to move ...". The only thing
which helped was to manually remove the backup folder. For test reasons,
I recreated the backup folder - and there I was back with the blank
page. So there clearly is some issue in the updater when the backup
folder exists, and it is not about moving the folder (or moving across
disk boundaries is not supported by php or something? it certainly is
not about permission/ownership).

By the way the current log file format seems really weird. All paths
have escaped slashes (no idea why???), and times are mixed, some are in
a human-readable format, some are unix timestamps, what's up with that?

Regarding the data folder: Was there any thought spent on how the case
will be handled where a user has the same name as a folder an app
stores into the data folder? The user "home" folder is only determined
by the username after all, right? There's no separate mapping, or is
there one? For test reasons I e.g. created a user called "news". And for
sure, his file directory was created within the app's "news" directory.
That seems like huge accident waiting to happen to me - at some point
some data will get horribly mixed up...
For example: When deleting this test user "news", the news folder was
promptly deleted... gaahh (anticipating that, I had thankfully made a

So there clearly needs to be some design discussion about how to
separate those two things, user data and apps data.

Sorry about the long an mixed up mailing, didn't have time to make it
shorter and better aimed...


On 2013-09-12 23:43, Victor Dubiniuk wrote:
> On 09/13/2013 12:22 AM, Randolph Carter wrote:
>> Following the advice I usually give others, I checked the owncloud log,
>> it shows this:
>> {"app":"PHP","message":"Unable to move \/var\/www\/owncloud\/backup\/ to
>> \/media\/exthd\/owncloud\/data\/\/updater_backup\/ at
>> \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/updater\/lib\/helper.php#28","level":4,"time":"2013-09-12T21:05:04+00:00"}
>> What is the updater trying to do here? Why does he try to move the
>> backup directory from owncloud root to the data directory?
> Generally it was a small security flaw that backups are directly
> accessible from web.
> Since they might contain private data besides common owncloud code they
> generally consist of, we decided to move them under the data folder.
>> The updater_backup directory didn't exist; but creating it didn't change
>> anything (php user has full permissions on both the data folder,
>> as well as on the created updater_backup).
>> And why does it have to be a fatal error resulting in a blank screen?
>> Not very user friendly...
> Already assigned to myself an issue to check if legacy backup is
> writable as it is most possible reason for fail.
>> And isn't copying something directly to the data directory dangerous? In
>> general, the data directory (at least mine) seems to contain a bit of a
>> jumble of app and user data at the moment - what if a user is named
>> updater_backup (for whatever reason)? I also see a news directory... so
>> a user can't be called news?
> Unfortunately there is no place except data directory to keep data safe.
> And there is no distinction between user and app data.
>> Weird stuff...
>> Regards,
>> Randolph
>> On 2013-09-12 22:35, Randolph Carter wrote:
>>> When I uncomment the lines you say, the Updater shows this:
>>> --------------------
>>> Updater
>>> ownCloud 5.0.11 is available. Get more information   
>>> Update Center
>>> --------------------
>>> where "more information" is a link to http://owncloud.org/.
>>> And "Update Center" is a link to
>>> https://my-owncloud-url/index.php/apps/updater/update.php (a blank page)
>>> Seems updater is thoroughly broken...? Thanks for any hints, guess I'll
>>> do the update manually after all,
>>> Regards,
>>> Randolph
>>> On 2013-09-12 22:24, Victor Dubiniuk wrote:
>>>> Ok, I'm convinced.
>>>> Please comment lines 31-33 in this file
>>>> https://github.com/owncloud/core/blob/stable5/lib/updater.php#L31 and
>>>> report an issue on github https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/new
>>>> On 09/12/2013 09:52 PM, Chris wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> Update feed is usually rebuilt in 3-5 days after release so there
>>>>>> is no
>>>>> reason to worry yet.
>>>>> the update feed some to be updated:
>>>>> http://apps.owncloud.com/updater.php?version=4x90x14x1338030373.1628x1373617342.3379xstablex
>>>>> -- 
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