[Owncloud] ownCloud Client 1.4.0. setup not possible to complete on windows

Bjorn Madsen bjorn.madsen at operationsresearchgroup.com
Sat Sep 7 22:00:14 UTC 2013

OCclient 1.4.0. can no longer be setup on windows without "Your entire
account will be synced to the local folder 'C:\....."

So for all the users I have which have 1-5 Tb of data, they will have to
download the whole thing to their devices (which the data doesn't fit on).

I have just followed a user who tried to setup his account with:
1. download and install
2. launch the OC app.
3. press pause as soon as possible
4. Bang << memory corruption error csync thread terminated.
5. 2-3 seconds later, windows error message: "OC has stopped working
windows is attempting to close the app".

I have just seen a user recreate the error that he cannot complete the
setup of OC without crashing the OC app, and he wouldn't have any problems,
if the default option did not force him to (now) download 4.9 terabyte of
data before pausing the OC app. And he doesn't have 5Tb on his desktop.

So what was missed?

His usage of OC:
1. put large files in a folder called "upload".
2. when sync completed, open OC web.
3. use the "move" app to move it to the storage location (which is not
synced back to his workstation).
4. done.
Now he can't do that anymore.

Google drive has the sync option "Only sync some folders to this computer".
Why doesn't OCclient?

Bjorn Madsen
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