[Owncloud] howto exclude translation, order of entries in localisation menu

Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Fri Sep 6 05:29:01 UTC 2013

True Story, Christian - thanks for the pointer.

Can I ask you to open an issue on github.com about separation of localization? 

We need to address this proper



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Hello Stefan, hello all, 

On Thursday 05 September 2013 09:17:19 Stefan Vollmar wrote:
> it is desirable (for many reasons) to have localisations of user interfaces
> for as many languages as possible. However, OwnCloud ships with two German
> versions, one of them quite informal. As our installation is for "official"
> purposes only, the more formal version is the right choice. We already had
> a case where somebody (unintentionally) selected the informal setting, then
> shared a file by link - this could be potentially awkward: you do not see
> the mail template which is sent to the recipient (and it is not suitable
> for our purposes).

actually in my eyes this shows up a more general problem. Your approach to 
solve your issue at hand by disabling a certain localization is the wrong one 
and steps short in my eyes: 

The templates chosen for outgoing messages should not depend on the session 
language chosen by the user at all! Those are two completely separate things!
Imagine a foreign member of your company, say a russian speaking colleague. He 
intuitively would use the russian localization of owncloud if available. And 
this certainly totally makes sense, since this is what localizations are there 
for. But most likely you do not want outgoing messages to your customers to be 
in russian language, just because the user initiating the message uses a 
russian localization! 
It is a very typical pattern in software suites that localizations of the user 
session and of persistent content being generated must be independent. This is 
currently not the case, apparently. 
So in my eyes the correct solution to your problem would be to decouple these 
localization use cases instead of disabling a random localization set. 

Christian Reiner (arkascha)
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