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Wed Sep 4 17:51:46 UTC 2013

Hi Justin,

The clients  always poll the server, since the server does not provide a notification interface (yet). But it will only poll the root directory to ensure nothing changed (by checking the ETag value). So that's actually a very cheap operation ( a single HTTP request).

Locally, it monitors the file system for changes using the operating system's notification system. Due to limitiations in some of them, it will still do a sweep every 5 minutes (as opposed to every 30 seconds in 1.3). We are trying to further optimize this in forthcoming releases.


Am 04.09.2013 um 19:08 schrieb Justin Vallon:

> I noticed that the Mac OS X client (1.3.0) appears to monitor the filesystem (touch a file, change is synced immediately).  However, http://owncloud.org/support/sync-clients says:
> Poll time for the remote repository:
> remotePollInterval – Integer value (milliseconds), default 30000
> For systems which have notify for local file system changes (Linux only currently) this is the frequency it polls for remote changes. The following two values are ignored.
> Poll time for local repository and exeed factor:
> localPollInterval – Integer value (milliseconds), default: 10000
> For systems which poll the local file system (currently Win and Mac) this is the frequency they poll locally. The remotePollInterval is ignored on these systems.
> Which implies that Mac is polling, not monitoring.  Is the web-page wrong (out-of-date)?
> On 9/4/13 7:51 AM, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> today we released ownCloud Client 1.4.0, along with csync 0.90.0. This release comes with significantly improved UI, which allows for better feedback and more settings. It also features several bug fixes.
>> Thank to everyone who has contributed to the release or helped testing this release. For details, check out https://daniel.molkentin.net/2013/08/08/owncloud-client-1-4-a-visual-guide/, or the revised manual at
>> http://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/1.4/. 
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> -Justin
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