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Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Wed Oct 9 05:16:45 UTC 2013


There are no nightly packages for the server built from git master. 

But there are nightly tars

Take care, 


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Hi Klaas,

I'm sorry for asking this, but from what exact artifacts the nightly openSUSE build is building from?
I'm asking because I was looking for some of my changes merged into owncloud/core master 3 days ago and I can't find them in version 5.0.12-20131008 which just was built today.

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 2:28 AM, Klaas Freitag <freitag at owncloud.com> wrote:
On 08.10.2013 03:36, Vladimir Sapronov wrote:
Cool, thanks!

It seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that:
Stable -
5 is the last released version).
Latest (nightly) -

Can I ask why nightly build is building 5.0.11 (
It seems that 5.0.12 was already released:
So I would expect nightly build to produce 5.0.13_date or 6.0.0_date...

We are maintaining the version number still manually. I just switched it to 5.0.12_date, thanks for notification.

The nightly build was failing anyway, I just fixed it. There will be nightly builds again soon.


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