[Owncloud] Error in App although deactivated

Torsten Seyffarth t.seyffarth at gmx.de
Fri Oct 4 10:49:48 UTC 2013

I found out that the reason for getting errors although the app was 
deactivated was, that the app still had background tasks in the queue. 
Because of a problem with the app the tasks could not be fullfilled 
independed if the app was active or not and stayed there forever. Even 
deleting the app from the disk made it worse because then the background 
job could find the app to call. So the only option was to delete the 
tasks in the database manually.

This brings me to the idea that either all queued tasks of an app should 
be deleted from the database when it is deactivated or the background 
job should though away all job he cannot find an active app for. It 
should be the job of an app to put it in the database again when 
activated anyway. What do you think?

Am 18.09.2013 20:04, schrieb Torsten Seyffarth:
> Hello all,
> I keep getting the following error very often in my logs:
> {PHP} Class 'Zend_Search_Lucene_Document' not found at 
> /srv/www/htdocs/owncloud/apps/search_lucene/lib/indexer.php#68
> The strange thing is, that I have deactivated the "Full Text Search" app.
> Any Ideas about the error and why I get it from a deactivated app?
> Best
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