[Owncloud] disappointed users

Matthias suleimann at gmx.at
Thu Aug 15 07:38:34 UTC 2013

Hello list,

I think there are a lot of disappointed owncloud users in the user forum 
and all over the web. The point is, everyone is fascinated of this 
software... until he loses data for the first time (like I did). I know 
it is hard to build a complex software like this and it will take time 
until it is stable. But it is not stable now and people are syncing Gigs 
of Data and wonder why files disappear.

I wish that:
People get warned that it is still beta. This is honest and people will 
To concentrate work on the main features like file sync, versioning, 
calendar, contacts. It is not a good idea to develop apps if these 
things do not work accurate.

I also try to help cleaning the code cause I also would like to see 
owncloud being absolutely stable and people happy using it.

My two cents.. ;)


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