[Owncloud] oc-client 1.0.5: csync lock file prevents synchronizing

Michael Göhler somebody.here at gmx.de
Thu Sep 27 23:51:51 UTC 2012

Hi oc-client developers,

I had a power outage some days ago and since that my owncloud client
1.0.5 was unable to sync.

it turned out that there was a file "~/.csync/lock" from the sync
process running while power was turned off. Is it possible to delete the
file on client startup, or that csync takes care about the aborted
sync process?

Something similar is mentioned with sleep/hibernate on laptops here:
Don't know if this is already fixed.

Another small issue: When a sync failed it is recommended to click the
"Info..." button for details but the button is not active. In client
1.0.5 this button is clickable only after double-clicking the sync
directory on the left side. It took me a while to find this out ;)


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