[Owncloud] Fwd: Re: Files_Sharing Update

Arthur Schiwon blizzz at owncloud.com
Tue Sep 25 16:32:22 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 12:02:06 PM Michael Gapczynski wrote:
> On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 05:51:06 PM Arthur Schiwon wrote:
> > > What do you mean that there will be collisions with the old table still
> > > existing? Nothing should be using the oc_sharing table.
> > 
> > I was a bit unprecise. When the update is not successful, it will be tried
> > all over again on the next page request. The already transfered shares
> > will
> > flood then the screen with error messages like "already exists" and fail
> > again.
> Well that doesn't sound like a good way to do app upgrades. I say bump the
> version up no matter what for any app upgrade. If an upgrade scripts fails
> the first time, there's a good chance it will fail again.
> About the exceptions, I think Bart wrapped the app upgrade in a try catch so
> there shouldn't be any errors shown to the user. No need for logging stuff
> in the actual upgrade because the Share API does that.

The exception thrown on line 59 in update.php will never be catched.

There are catches before, but only printed back on the screen.. Here it's also 
better to write them to the log file instead, so things can be checked in an 
emergency case.

Using the logfile in both cases will let the update succeed (so first effect will 
not happen and we can leave the table there for now)  and problems can be seen 
in the log. 

> > However, the new link looks like
> > https://owncloud.server/public.php?service=files&file=/path/to/shared/fold
> > er
> > 
> > the old link was:
> > https://owncloud.server/public.php?service=files&token=20288a20dd02750f81d
> > 23 07e32bd367dcda331b6&file=/path/to/shared/folder
> Now I think I understand, you can't use the old link because we aren't using
> tokens anymore. The share_type for links is 3 in the database.

Mh, that would mean that all old links are being killed. Personally, 
renotifying all people about this is nasty, but doable. In larger setups 
however or with heavy use of this feature it's really nasty and brings bad 
user experience. 

I suggest to catch those links, forward them to the new URL and display a 
notification that the URL changed. And eventually drop the support in OC 5.


> > Does it help you?
> > 
> > Cheers
> > Arthur

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