[Owncloud] Group folder, group quota // Feature idea?

Matthias Wulkow mylists at saasweb.net
Fri Sep 14 20:14:17 UTC 2012


I hope I am not reposting an known feature idea - couldn't find hints
about it - is there some plan for enhancing group functionalities?

I mean something like creating a static group folder with fixed size
where users share the storage.

Example: create a group XYZ with 10 GB storage space and assign 4 users
to it. No individual limit, or optionally set a maximum for each like
2.5 GB in order to prevent some users to take all the space...

This can be achieved by creating a new owncloud instance for sure - but
this is far more work and ressources than a "shared instance"...

Just a thought..

Best regards,


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