[Owncloud] Gallery related issues review

Michael Gapczynski mtgap at owncloud.com
Tue Sep 11 02:45:30 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 03:19:45 AM Victor Dubiniuk wrote:
> Hi ownCloud,
> Here is the report on the several gallery issues. I'm writing it here as
> I'm not able to process these issues on my own due to the lack of
> permissions.
> 1.
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-878
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-477 can be closed
> as duplicates of
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-474
> 2.
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-783
> can be closed a duplicate of
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-1676
> 3.
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-1314
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-1549
> can be closed withing 4.5 milestone (still reproducible on 4.0.7 though)
> 4.
> http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/owncloud/issues/oc-1286
> has been fixed just now and can be closed withing 4.5 milestone

All done.

> Btw.
> I have everything enabled in the 'Share API' section and have no 'Shared
> folder' nevertheless.
> I'm unable to share anything among two admin users. After refreshing the
> page I see no links for the items that are shared with link.
> But this items are definitely shared since the popup says 'Item is already
> shared with link' when I tick 'Share with link' on this item.
> error_log has nothing strange. OC log duplicates the popup content:
> Error  OCP\Share  Sharing 8 failed, because this item is already shared
> with a link
> Can anyone confirm this for the recent master?

Sharing is working, are you getting any javascript errors? Can you check the 
oc_shares table for the rows?


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