[Owncloud] Windows 7 question

"Tóth Ádám" adaz at adaz.hu
Mon Sep 10 21:21:09 UTC 2012

Hi Frank, hi All,

 I personally don't recommend to use the built-in webdav-LIKE support in Windows. It's a POS (piece of sh*t) since Win7 pre-beta. It works sometimes, but it doesn't work most often. It often doesn't want to connect at all until a reboot. POS.

 Netdrive works, but I use a better one: DirectnetDrive http://www.directnet-drive.net/ . It's free, very nice, very easy to use, and it works with ownCloud. 

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 Hi, I have a question for the Windows experts here: :-) It is possible to mount ownCloud via WebDAV as a network drive under Windows 7 if you follow this instructions: http://owncloud.org/support/webdav/ The problem is that Windows seams to forget this registry settings after every reboot. Does someone have experience with that or knows how to configure this in a persistent way? Thanks Frank _______________________________________________ Owncloud mailing list Owncloud at kde.org https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/owncloud
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