[Owncloud] A few issues

Anthony McCourin tony.mccourin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 14:42:02 UTC 2012

[a variant of this is already posted on owncloud questions but i duplicate
it here to have a better chance of developers actually looking at it]

I am running latest stable4 branch (4.0.7). For a while i have been happily
running ownCloud instance, but at some point everything broke.

What doesn't work:

- I can't add or install apps - the button used to say "Add" or "Remove",
now it just says "Submit Query". I also can't view or download any files.
When i go into "Files", i can see icons for Download etc. but then they
disappear and don't reappear again no matter where i hover or click. The
javascript error console is flooded with errors about t.cache[app] being
undefined. These are part of the same issue, the AJAX call to
translations.php returns DB Error: "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no
such table: oc_appconfig"Offending command was: SELECT appid, configvalue
FROM oc_appconfig WHERE configkey = 'installed_version'. I've checked the
owncloud.db, the oc_appconfig is there.

- I can't sync CalDAV or CardDAV - it just gives out error 500.

- I can't sync files with both Linux and Windows clients (Linux complains
about time differences, Windows client says remote folders don't exist).
Android client works (at least the Instant Upload part - and by the way,
how come it is uploading files when i'm over my quota?).

I don't know when exactly did it break down as i didn't pay close attention
to my ownCloud instance and it was running on its own (with a cron job to
pull updates once a week).

Some specifics about my setup:
- I use LDAP for user auth
- I have my data folder symlinked
- Some time during upgrade from 3 to 4 some of my LDAP usernames got
changed from USERNAME to USERNAME at _domain.tld - everything worked well
- I usually use Firefox (latest release) to access owncloud
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