[Owncloud] sync client - more than one owncloud servers possible

Daniel Holm admin at danielholm.se
Thu Sep 6 20:37:50 UTC 2012


What I did was to use the owncloud client for one server, and the 
mirall client for another. This still limits the number of possible 
servers to two, but it works for me.
Still, what I've understood, the mirall client will "go away" and the 
only kept client will be the owncloud client, right?

I'm using Ubuntu and I can easily run either owncloud or mirall as a 
command in a terminal. I don't know how this would work in Windows and 
what not.

Still, I would really like this feature in the future.

Depending on your skills and nature of need, you could set up a DNS 
server to route your default sever domain adress to another IP 
depending on you network and what ever you would like.

Vänlig hälsning / Yours sincerely,
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Den tor  6 sep 2012 17:11:48 skrev Georg Ehrke:
> Hi Thomas,
> This is actually not possible (afaik),
> but you can mount WebDAV storages into your ownCloud using the files_external app.
> This is the easiest way to mount other ownClouds into your 'main' ownCloud.
> Cheers
> Georg Ehrke
> Am 02.09.2012 um 12:34 schrieb "Gronies, Thomas" <Gronies at uni-wuppertal.de>:
>> Hi,
>> is it possible to configure more than one Owncloud server to sync with the sync client?
>> What I mean is to sync one folder with server 1 and another folder to server 2 .... and so on.
>> If not actually, is it planned that one can configure multiple servers?
>> Regards,
>> Thomas Gronies
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