[Owncloud] FYI: Contacts Sync Problem with iPhone IOS 5.0.1 solved!

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Mon Sep 3 13:16:48 UTC 2012

On Monday 03 September 2012 22:04 Lyall Pearce wrote:
> I Just thought I would let the list know that I have my iPhone syncing
> contacts and calendars with OwnCloud 4.0.7 on Gentoo Linux, 64 bit.

Good to hear :-)
> where the address was supposed to be "36<newline>19th St", but it
> appears the OwnCloud import misinterpreted the =19 as a hex character
> rather than the equals as a 'newline' and the 19 as the 2 ascii
> characters "19".
> I am not sure whose fault this is, Exchange or OwnCloud, my limited
> understanding of VCARD encoding is that Outlook should have split the
> line after the 0A=, causing the 19 to not be interpreted as a hex char.

Or maybe the blame is on PHP? When upgrading from v. 2.1 to 3.0 I run:

	if(strtoupper($parameter->name) == 'ENCODING') {
		if(strtoupper($parameter->value) == 'QUOTED-PRINTABLE') {
			$property->value = quoted_printable_decode($property->value);
> Editing the address in the OwnCloud Web GUI to re-type the address fixed
> the problem and sync worked.

Maybe there's a way I can catch stray control chars...

A quick search led me to

I will see if I can do something to avoid this problem in the future. 
Thanks for the thorough report. I have saved your example for testing.

> Nice tool, I like the sync, pity the web GUI is so flakey, but now that
> the iPhone and iPad is working, who needs the web GUI anyway :)

I am open for suggestions on improvements. Actually I don't use the WUI much
myself ;) 

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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