[Owncloud] Contacts & Calendar sharing status

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Sun Sep 2 16:52:36 UTC 2012

Yesterday I wanted to fix a buglet in the new share dropdown for sharing 
calendars, because I thought that and some permission checking was the only 
thing missing for moving to the new sharing API - I was wrong, he he ;)

Current status is:


- Addressbook sharing works both in WUI and via CardDAV.
- Single contact sharing is not implemented as I don't see any use cases for 
it. Correct me if I'm wrong.


- Calendar sharing works in WUI and via CalDAV.
- Single event sharing works in the WUI. For CalDAV I thought of creating a 
virtual calendar like the Shared folder for files. I will need read up on that 
- Public sharing is no longer supported as the sharing api doesn't support 
that (AFAIK?). We could use a stripped down version of the old sharing class 
and db table for that?
- We need an update script for converting the legacy calendar sharing db to 
the new oc_share table format. I need someone else to step in there (nudge, 
nudge ;) )

Please kick the tires, take it for a spin, look out for oil leaks and report 
any crunching noises from the the transmission ;)

PS: Thanks for answering all my questions on the API MTGap :-) You did a 
really good job creating it.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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