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Le 4 mars 2012 à 10:43, Klaas Freitag a écrit :

> On 04.03.2012 09:10, Yoann Gini wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all thanks for your thoughts and ideas, its important for us to get feedback from the professional background. .here are some of my comments.
>> I’m a french freelance system administrator, certified trainer and consultant for Apple. I’m also a OS X and iOS developer when it’s needed.
>> I’ve just discover ownCloud yesterday and I’ve try it a couple of hour. You GUI is really cool, like your list of functionalities, but I’ve a really big problem with your integration capabilities and your GUI for administrator…
> You're right, integration is key, even though there are millions of frameworks and apps out there to integrate. What are the key things in your opinion?

For my personal case, the key things are LDAP integration (I actually try to fix your existing plugin, if I got something good I send you a push request) and the integration of existing CalDAV and CardDAV server. OS X Server do not provide a great interface for iCal on web and do not provide any web interface for Address Book, so if this two point can be bind to my existing server that could be really great.

>> <snip>
> Especially the idea about file sharing is already on its way. For the other things, have you considered to make a feature request on bugs.owncloud.org? Things can be fixed :-)
>> <snip>
> Same thing, please do bug reports or feature requests to track these things.

I will do it, I haven’t found the link on the website :-)

>> Nevertheless I’m really interested by your project, it’s good basement even if they have a lot of work to make it usable in production environment, so I’m wondering what is your politic about external contribution when it’s about the general architecture of the project ? Are you interested by a point of view of system administrator or should I fork your project and do what I want on my side ?
> Certainly we are interested in your opinion and even more in your contribution of whatever form, be it opinions, code, documentation etc. What you really should not do is forking. We want to collaborate, and you are more than welcome to join in, discuss, improve and move the project forward.

OK, good :-)
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