[Owncloud] Users LDAP storage related issues

Arthur Schiwon blizzz at owncloud.com
Thu Mar 1 11:53:51 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 29 February 2012 20:46:44 Arthur Schiwon wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 February 2012 14:27:36 Aleksander Machniak wrote:
> > - Authenticating against LDAP does not create the owncloud equivalent of
> > a user account, and therefore sharing with permissions is not working,
> These are two different things. Sharing with permissions is not dependent on
> local accounts. Is there another reason for them?
> However, you can have it working :) master has kind of some troubles because
> of a construction site in another aspect, but you can use stable branch and
> enhance it. This is clearly a candidate for the next maintenance release:
> Stable branch +
> current user_ldap from master +
> the database structure change from
> https://gitorious.org/owncloud/owncloud/commit/9df193f051c683fe69f9451ba07c4
> d34d480b76f/diffs/ca874a3ad776c9fd22c7bcbad81f493cfc551661 +
> current files_sharing from master (+
> The fileeditor has a bug which opens writable files in readonly mode, this
> can be used by current files_texteditor from master without the spelling
> correction from
> https://gitorious.org/owncloud/owncloud/commit/30673e478672af316c057f562a8a0
> 2babdbd3160 or maybe with the whole commit)
Correction: keep files_sharing from stable, do not use master, that would cause 
some  trouble. 


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