[Owncloud] Accessing files outside the users home folder

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Fri Jan 20 16:13:15 UTC 2012

On Friday 20 January 2012 01:06 Robin Appelman wrote:
> While this is fine for most uses, there are plenty of valid cases where an
> app needs to access files outside the home folder. Sharing needs to access
> files owned by other users, gallary needs to store thumbnails of photos and
> galleries and media might want to store album covers somewhere.

This is (will be) also a use case for the Contacts app.
> My idea for providing a proper way to access files outside the users home
> folder without making oc_filesystem harder to use for 90% of the use cases
> is to add a new class oc_filesystemview, which can create a "view" into
> ownCloud's virtual file system simular to oc_filesystem, only without
> having to be locked into the users home folder.

As the lazy SOB that I am, I still haven't read through the code to figure out 
how the OC_Filesystem API works. Which brings me to the point that as 
OC_Filesystem is the foundation upon which ownCloud is build, it really should 
be better documented. I know for a fact that there are other lazy coders out 
there, who will take a shortcut and create a custom solution, rather than 
figuring out the internals work - and what the bigger vision is.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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