[Owncloud] csync and mirall: Desktop Syncing beta versions released

Klaas Freitag freitag at owncloud.com
Thu Feb 23 15:06:59 UTC 2012


I am happy to let you know that there are beta versions of both csync 
and mirall available. csync is a file synchronization tool written by 
Andreas Schneider to which we added an ownCloud module so that ownCloud 
now can be synced with the command line tool csync:

$> csync ~/ownCloud owncloud:/localhost/files/webdav.php

Mirall is a Qt based sync client that makes use of the csync library. It 
runs as a tray icon, lets you connect to your ownCloud, manage your 
folders you want to sync between the local machine and the cloud and 
gives status information.

This is an early beta for you to test.
         PLEASE DO NOT use in production.  IT WILL EAT YOUR FILES!!

The sources are available at [1]. In the openSUSE Build Service binary 
packages for currently openSUSE 12.1 and Fedora 16 are available.
Note that HEAD ownCloud is needed, version 3 does not do it ;-(

_What does it do?_

Csync both brings a command line client and a lib. With the csync cmd 
client, local directories can be synced to ownCloud directories like this:

$> csync ~/ownCloud owncloud://localhost/files/webdav.php/ownCloud

Mirall is the desktop app for syncing, it makes use of csyncs lib. If 
you start it, you get a tray icon with a gray folder. Clicking on it 
lets you connect to your ownCloud. Clicking on the tray icon after the 
cloud is connected, you get a status dialog which shows you the current 
state of your sync dirs and lets you add more.

_What should be tested?_

The csync module for ownCloud went upstream to csync and we're planing 
to do a release with it soon. Syncing to ownCloud should work with it on 
commandline as well with mirall.

In mirall, connecting to an ownCloud, adding and removing folders and 
the status dialog should work. Installation of ownCloud was not in the 
focus. SSL should work, on commandline use ownclouds://... to enable SSL

PLEASE NOTE that this is beta software. Don't expect too much from it,
but I think it helps to get a common understanding of where we are 
heading to, so that we can discuss early.

_How can you help?_

Yes, your help is very appreciated. Please test, fix code, document and 
spread the word. Please report bugs to bugs.owncloud.com, Component 
"Desktop Client".

Very much appreciated would be help in the area of packaging, ideally in 
the OBS. We have openSUSE and Fedora, but others, especially Debian and 
Ubuntu packagers would be great. Please contact me...

Also help would be appreciated for porting: Mirall should run on Windows 
and Mac as well. If there is a Mac specialists out there who wants to 
help, please speak up. We need you :-)


...to Andreas Schneider and Dominik Schmidt who greatly helped to get 
the whole stuff going...

best regards,


[1] The sources are here:
[2] https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=isv%3AownCloud%3Adevel

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