[Owncloud] Calendar Sharing

Pascal Mages pascal.mages at avertas.ch
Wed Apr 18 12:49:16 UTC 2012

Hi Georg

I just did some tests with the lastest caldender sharing branch 
(downloaded from Gitorious 2 hours ago). It's a fresh install and I have 
a working version of OC 3 with the same hoster. Testet with Firefox 11.0 
on Kubuntu.

Here my findings. I'm happy to provide more information if you need.

* I'm unable to create new calender events. I can mark a timeframe in 
the calender. Then the little spinning thing start spinning forever. The 
overlay to create the new event never apears.

* In the calender selector I get the following error message:
Notice: Undefined variable: shared in 
on line 4

Notice: Undefined variable: shared in 
on line 4

* I can create new calenders. If I click the share icon I can select the 
user to share with. Below there apears this error message:
Notice: Undefined index: share in 
on line 75
 >make public

* The sharing itself seems to work. At least I can see the shared 
calender from other users. But can't really test it as I can't create 

* Creating events from Thunderbird Lightning doesn't seem to work. I get 
the follwoing error:
Status-Code: 403, Der Benutzer verfügt nicht über die notwendigen 
Rechte, um diese Anfrage auszuführen.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="http://sabredav.org/ns">
   <s:message>Permission denied to create file (filename 

Unrelated to calender sharing:
When I use rekonq I get log out all the time. I can browse some files or 
calenders but then suddenly the login screen apears.

Let me know if you need more info. I'm also happy to create bug reports 
if requested.

Thanks a lot for your work!

Am 16.04.2012 22:45, schrieb Pascal Mages:
> Hi Georg
> I will give it a try on Wednesday as it is a feature I have been waiting
> for.
> Thanks a lot for your work!
> Pascal
> Am 15.04.2012 14:52, schrieb Georg Ehrke:
>> Hi all,
>> i done my work on calendar sharing and it seems to work now.
>> Are there any volunteers who would like to test this feature?
>> It is still in the branch calendar_sharing.
>> If no one reports a critical bug until wednesday afternoon (CEST) i
>> will merge it into master.
>> Cheers
>> Georg
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