[Owncloud] owncloud is AGPL licensed but containsnumerousinstances of PHP license

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Wed Sep 21 12:09:25 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 21 September 2011 11:51:17 Elias Probst wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 September 2011 11:21:49 Achim Bohnet wrote:
> >         a) keep 3rd party stuff in git plus a use_3rdparty config option
> IMHO only needed, when there have been modifications made to the 3rd party 
> stuff. Otherwise just rely on the original ones.
> >         b) create a owncloud.tar and a owncloud-3rdparty.tar for
> >            convinience when releasing
> Do you mean:
> owncloud.tar.gz → ownCloud only
> owncloud.tar.gz → 3rd party stuff only
> or
> owncloud.tar.gz → ownCloud only
> owncloud.tar.gz → ownCloud + 3rd party stuff
> The latter one is what I prefer.

I don't care if only 3. party or with owncloud
but if latter is chosen, I would suggest



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