[Owncloud] owncloud is AGPL licensed but containsnumerous instances of PHP license

Elias Probst mail at eliasprobst.eu
Wed Sep 21 08:59:23 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 21 September 2011 10:41:33 Pascal d'Hermilly wrote:
> Should the package not just have it as dependencies?
> Thats what Kubuntu did for owncloud 1
> Depends: apache2, php5, php-pear, php-xml-parser, php5-mysql | php5-sqlite

That's what I think might make the most sense, too.
In general, shipping bundled libraries is considered a bad practice due to a 
lot of reasons.

So we should probably think about unbundling these 3rdparty stuff and just 
list them as dependencies, so distribution packagers don't have to unbundle 
all this again.

I do see, why it was bundled in the first place: to make it easier for people 
downloading ownCloud directly to get it up and running without having to deal 
with dependencies. But for this usecase we should probably simply have a 
"JohnDoe" release which makes this possible.
Everyone who is able to deal with cloning the current repository manually etc. 
should also be able to take care of the dependencies.

I'd strongly vote for unbundling the 3rd party things, unless we modified them 

What do you think?
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