[Owncloud] PHP version needed for owncloud

Josep Cols josep at cols.name
Thu Oct 27 21:26:03 UTC 2011


After installed JSON extension to PHP 5.1.6, all works better (but not well)
this wekkend I will upate PHP to bersion 5.2.17 OR I will install PHP 
5.3 as CGI (I have other software that is not supported under PHP 5.3)

Al 27/10/11 20:50, En/na Nicolas Berens ha escrit:
> afaik you need 5.2.6 at minimum (including pecl librarys like json and 
> mbstring)
> but both are completely outdated and not supported by the php team, so 
> i would recommend you to update to the latest php 5.3 release
> 2011/10/27 josep Cols <josep at cols.name <mailto:josep at cols.name>>
>     Hello:
>     I have many troubles running version 2:
>     -- The left icons are not displayed at all
>     -- When I click on 'calendar' or 'personal' items, a blank page is
>     displayed (the source code is also empty)
>     -- The files view does not shows the file name. (When I move the
>     mouse over a file, the extension is displayed)
>     -- Many refresh issues: On files view, if I add a new folder, the
>     page does not refreshs and the folder is visible only when I
>     revisit the page (this is ussual on many pages)
>     I think I need PHP V5.2 with 'json' support (version 5.1.6 does
>     not includes json) because on lib/json.php the json_encode is used
>     and json begins included on PHP v 5.2
>     Thanks and regards
>     Al 27/10/11 18:30, En/na Domnick Eger ha escrit:
>         What trouble are you havng ?, I had it running on that version
>         for almost six months now issues.
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>         Hi:
>         What's the minimum PHP's version needed to run Owncloud?
>         I run under PHP V 5.1.6 and I have a lot of troubles.
>         Regards
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