[Owncloud] Syncing owncloud-calendar with iCal?

Hanno Wagner owncloud at rince.de
Sat Oct 22 17:40:41 UTC 2011


I installed owncloud yesterday morning with the git-version and was
quite surprised and happy how easy this went.
Then I created a non-admin user and wanted to populate my
iCal-calendar (private) to my owncloud-user. Even with the
documentation on owncloud.org/use/ regarding syncing against iCal, it
doesn't work. Everytime I try, my iCal tells me it isn't allowed to
save. In the apache logfile, I see an error 403 for the PUT-request,
as if the user wouldn't be authorized, but I see my user in the
logfile with it's name (which - IMHO - means the user is authenticated).

Is there a better way of debugging the sync-process or do you have an
idea why it doesn't want to sync?

Ciao, Hanno

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