[Owncloud] Please put MB after the filesize in the "Files" view

Danial Bulloch owncloud at dbeta.com
Wed Oct 12 20:51:59 UTC 2011

I was looking at my owncloud list of files and noticed that the "size"
column is just a number. I know that it doesn't make a big difference,
but putting MB at the end makes it clear what that column is without
looking at the header, and the header doesn't specify what units the
size is in(1.21 Jiggabits?). If there is a reason that it isn't
there(besides maybe to save space), I'd be interested to know.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to make feature requests, I didn't
find anything on the site that suggested a better place. Also, I'd
submit a patch or something if I was the programmer type, but I can't
program my way out of a paper bag. I tried once, nearly suffocated,
which is actually harder that one might imagine with a paper bag.

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