Andreas Schneider asn at cryptomilk.org
Wed Oct 5 16:07:25 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 05 October 2011 13:55:30 Bartek Przybylski wrote:
> hello, i was unable to check it yesterday,
> unfortunately i might not be able to check it today also,
> ill try to fix it today, however i need some more details from
> Andreas, like apache/db logs and js errors
> or just steps to reproduce ;)

[Wed Oct 05 18:06:18 2011] [error] [client] PHP Strict 
Standards:  Only variables should be assigned by reference in 
/srv/www/vhosts/cryptomilk/cloud/3rdparty/MDB2/Driver/mysql.php on line 798, 
referer: https://cloud.cryptomilk.org/apps/gallery/index.php

[Wed Oct 05 18:06:18 2011] [error] [client] DB Error: "MDB2 
Error: syntax error"<br />Offending command was: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO 
cld_gallery_albums ("uid_owner", "album_name") VALUES (?, ?)<br />, referer: 

	-- andreas

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