[Owncloud] Incomplete features and apps

Frank Karlitschek karlitschek at kde.org
Tue Oct 4 05:49:52 UTC 2011

Hi Jan,

I completely agree with your mail in general.

I worked on the gallery app together with Bartek last weekend to see if it´s ready for inclusion in the ownCloud 2. I think it´s working well so I decided to put it in beta 3 and consider it for inclusion in the final release if we don´t find shop stoppers.
For me it´s working well and it´s a nice feature for ownCloud 2.

I´m not aware of performance problems. Can you  give a bit more information about this?
We shouldn´t release it if it´s unusable slow of course.


On 03.10.2011, at 23:20, Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:

> As said in previous mails, incomplete apps and/or features should be
> developed in branches only until they are well-tested,
> interface-integrated, fast, reviewed etc.
> If we say something is available in ownCloud, people expect it to work –
> without problems. If we promise a feature (by including it) then it should
> work. We should not over-promise and under-deliver but rather not claim
> too much. A feature that is not there is ok while a feature which is there
> but doesn’t work is just annoying. This is not about getting everything in
> before the release of ownCloud 2 at any price.
> So please – until features are really mature, keep them in branches. For
> example the tasks app (already in a branch), the gallery app (was merged
> earlier, should go back in a branch because it’s slow) and the bookmarks
> app (should go back in a branch until the interface adheres to the
> ownCloud design).
> Before merging something in, call for review on the mailing list and in
> the chat room.
> Short: Quality over quantity, please.
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