[Owncloud] GSoC Sync Client Scope

kunal kunal.t2 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 19:06:49 CEST 2011

Hi all,
Over the past few weeks I had also evaluated DropBox ( The service I
would like to emulate in ownCloud my work ).

Having Evaluated DropBox I have decided to set the scope of my project
work to the following features:

1. Implement a sync server component capable of syncing Files (Music
,Videos) and also Contacts , Calendars etc ( DropBox doesn't sync
Contacts and Calendar events)

2. The client must work behind a proxy (libFunambol uses libCurl at the
backend so this would be easy to implement).

3. Give the User an option to set merge conflict mode.
DropBox as of now doesn't do any Merge conflict resolution. with SyncML
we have a mechanism to resolve merge conflicts

4. Timed Sync ( Sync Only at specified times of the day)

5. Auto Sync : the moment a file or Contact is added or modified, the
sync is triggered. For this I plan to use a daemon which keeps
monitoring the folder under sync.

6. Server Space Notification in the client. ( Notice like : "You have X
GB of space remaining on the server)

7. Finally if time permits , I will integrate http://camaya.net/gloox/
into the client as well , to implement synchronization over LAN.
If server and client both are on a LAN then the data should not travel
through the internet. Also this would allow me to implement
auto-discovery of sync Clients.

Kunal Ghosh
Dept of Computer Sc. & Engineering.

permalink: member.acm.org/~kunal.t2

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